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All Signals are based on advanced algorithms that calculate and project trend to accurately predict buying and selling opportunities for select groups of cryptocurrencies. Signals are sent out daily. 

Beta Premium Courses

Silver and Gold members gain access to premium video courses showing how to utilize the signals along with your own personal trading strategy. Courses will roll out when first available.

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Stay in the loop with up to date crypto news and articles that will keep you on the cutting edge. Find news from great sources like Coin Journal, NewsBTC, and Coin Telegraph.


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Access secret Crypto research from the biggest Banks, Institutions, and Crypto Whales with deep pockets for expensive analysis. CSM has insiders who pay for this confidential information and give it to CSM Members.


Standalone Price

FREE, Included

With Your Silver and Gold Membership

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Watching prices tick up and down all day can get exhausting.

Let Crypto Signal Masters do the hard work for you, and we’ll shoot a message to you whenever cryptos start to make important moves.

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Read our most commonly asked questions:

I only want signals for one or two cryptos in my group. Can I opt out of the unwanted crypto signals?

No problem! You can activate and de-activate whatever cryptos you want to select the cryptos that you’re interested in.

Why Discord? What is Discord?

Discord is the messaging app we use to send out signals daily to our members. We’ve found much of our crypto trading community already have Discord accounts, so we decided to send signals straight through to a special Discord Server that we host. If you don’t have Discord account already, we will guide you through how to set it up on both your computer and mobile devices so you can start receiving signals!

You can download the app here: https://discord.com/

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes! If you’re eager to check out other signals and see bigger patterns in the crypto market, you can upgrade your plan at any time.

Can I futures trade with this group?

Please DO NOT futures trade using these signals. Our algorithm is built to be able to take minor losses, and be resilient to them in order to still be profitable in the long-run. Futures trading increases the risk extraordinarily by magnifying both potential gains and losses, while also being able to liquidate your entire position. If you join this group with the intention of futures trading: please be cautious, understand the risks, and be aware that we at CSM do not recommend you futures trade on our algorithms.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course! If you’re not entirely satisfied you can cancel with our subscription provider, no questions asked.

I am getting too many signals! Can I silence them?

Yes! These signals are meant to make your life easier, not harder. If you feel overwhelmed, leave some cryptos de-selected. You can also mute some channels while still keeping them selected so that you can read through the signals without getting notifications on them. We have extensive tutorials that will help you configure the app to your needs.

I want Crypto signals for a Crypto that you don't include in the group. Can you add it?

Our team has specifically selected a few set number of Cryptos to track for buying and selling signals because of our limited resources. It costs us to keep the signals from our algorithms functioning. We will continue to get feedback from our members, and we will start slowly introducing new crypto signals based on demand.

What you Get From Joining CSM

See the all of the perks and bonuses you get by becoming a member of the Crypto Signal Masters.

Crypto Buy/Sell Signals

Get the most accurate buying and selling signals on some of the top cryptocurrencies to help gain an edge with your trading strategy.

Early Access Video Courses

Learn how to take advantage of these Crypto Signals with the help of relevant, full length, narrated video guides. Gain early access to premium courses and all future updates.

Indicator Notifications

Track the most important indicators for your crypto and also get notifications whenever indicators make critical changes.

Crypto News

Updates on the latest Crypto news to stay in the loop from the biggest news outlets like cointelegraph.com and coinjournal.net

Mobile App

Bring Crypto signals with you wherever you go by installing the mobile Discord app that sends you notifications.

Trading Community

Tap into the Crypto mastermind. Join a group of dedicated traders ranging anywhere from new enthusiasts to full-time expert crypto veterans.

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